Valkyrie Bass Amplifier Head

Baer Amplification is proud to present
Featuring our amazing Trans-Hybrid preamp, the VALKYRIE allows you to choose between the punch and precision of an all solid state amplifier, or the rich overtones and harmonics of a tube hybrid design. Freedom of choice at the push of a button!


The ML Series speaker cabinets were designed from the ground up to be something different in the world of bass amplification. Clear, accurate reproduction of your instrument's true tone without the use of traditional tweeters. Hear your bass in a whole new light. The ML Series speaker cabinets from Baer Amplification.

bass amplification by baer amps
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The Bassics...
At Baer Amplification, we believe that it's the countless hours of practice, the touch of your fingers upon the instrument and your passion for playing that truly makes up your signature sound. Our amplification products are specifically designed and crafted to bring out the true voice of your instrument and provide you with all the power and versatility you need to handle any situation. Plug in and play!
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